Thanks to photos of me asleep at the kitchen table with a Crayola marker in hand, it’s apparent I’ve been creating and dreaming of art since before I can remember. It started with comic book characters, which I use to sell for $.50 each to my classmates in elementary school.

I took a hiatus from art until after graduating High School.

In college I minored in printmaking (only because the thought of business management classes was nauseating). I rarely get to practice any of it anymore, but the techniques I learned about planning and envisioning a project before just rushing into it have remained. This has been helpful in both artistic and design endeavors.

I began doing design in college while working for the school newspaper, back in the days of Adobe CS2. Classes were so boring compared to meeting with a client, determining their needs and then turning what’s in their heads into a tangible form.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the last few years developing a digital illustration style that has been picked up for multiple projects like album artwork and show posters.

I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with the right people along the way and be a part of amazing projects that make a difference (or at least in my eyes).




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