Larger than life.

Creating a mural is the wonderful challenge of taking an idea and going big with it. I've had the pleasure to work on some corporate murals with some very talented individuals as well as personal murals. Below is an array of solo pieces I've done for various locations & clients. 


ICU ART - Promo mural

ICU Art is a professional mural company out of California. During an advertising conference, they hired me and Mez One to paint on 6th Street Austin, Tx. It's roughly 12'x12' next to Daruma. I really enjoyed taking one of my digital pieces and going big with it.

El Jimador Dia De Los Muertos Event @ Native Hostel 2017

Officially my favorite live pieces to work on, this skull was an interesting challenge and chance to practice newer techniques. When I was shown the blank version, I knew instantly I wanted to do a very bright fade on it. Also, with the size of extra space on the back of the skull, I decided to add some unique flavor by adding some green brainsss.

Crux Climbing Gym Mural

My favorite piece to work on so far. As a climber myself, this piece had an added element of fun. Female climbers are super strong people and I wanted to represent that power and confidence through attitude. The tape on the hands she's chalking up just adds to the toughness. At 15' tall she's also looking down on everyone like a boss. Check Crux out:


Love All Y'all Piece @ Contone

With the idea of a photo opp, this wall was created for a young clothing line. The ask was to create a heart shape based graphic. To give it some flavor, I chose to illustrate a pair of hands making a heart. It felt more powerful than just a heart shape. The owner was so thrilled with this drawing, she is using it in other formats like her homepage lead graphic.  


Waterloo Park/ Hope Mural

This piece was created as part of an ongoing activation outside the Waterloo Park construction project. I normally work with a subject like a person, but this piece I catered to the park theme by doing an abstract, almost a cathedral window style, landscape. For more information about the project:


Spratx Friendly Fire Battle

This piece was a friendly competition held by Spratx. I got to battle a good artist friend Tourmaline Todd to create the best mural. It was close but I came out on top, winning some bragging rights. I enjoy this style and would like to press this style farther in the future. Art Primo sponsored the event.